Train Slut?


LOL. Where did that name come from?        

 Much like my own existence, it started as a joke. I was talking to a friend about my plans to do this InterRail trip, and at some point in the conversation my dry spell came up. I’d been (inadvertently) celibate for almost 8 months at that point and said, “Fuck it, might as well go for a year! At least until my trip and then I’ll be a train slut.” And if I somehow manage to not hook up with anyone, it’ll simply be a blog about transportational non-monogamy.

what is this blog about?

Travel, food, feminism.

So you’re just being provocative with the name, right? You’re not going to write about your sexcapades, are you? ARE YOU?!


Wait a minute… how have YOU been celibate for nearly a year? You love sex!

I fell in love for the first time last year with someone who, in his words, liked me, liked hanging out with me, loved having sex with me but…

It was the ellipsis that got us in the end. But I stayed floating around in his indecision longer than I’d like to admit. He wasn’t the first person I went to bed with, but he was the first one I actually liked. And he was the first one I had breakfast with.

After we called things off for good I got naked with one other (very cool!) person and decided it wasn’t a great idea morally or emotionally to be using other people to wash out the taste of another. I put myself on a two-month ban. Then two months turned into six as a result of bad luck. Then six turned into nine and now here we are.

What happens if you take a plane?

Then I’ll be a plane slut?

What countries have you been to?

Apart from my homeland, in no particular order:

Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Malta, Greece, Germany

Which countries are you visiting on your Train Slut journey?

(Hopefully) Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you want to say mean things: don’t.


You can email me: bb@trainslut.com

I’m also on Twitter: @TrainSlut

And Instagram: @TheTrainSlut




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